High Quality Energy Efficient Lighting of Parking Facilities

Valopaa has developed an intelligent LED lighting concept for the appropriate, sufficient and energy efficient lighting of parking facilities. There are numerous light sources, which can be directed to illuminate the spaces between cars, enabling easier access to and from your car. The amount of light is regulated according to motion sensors, networks of luminaires and time of the day.


  • High quality and befitting lighting, the same intelligent control can include several types of lighting, including yard lighting
  • Very high energy efficiency -> cost-efficiency, quick payback time -> lifecycle cost-efficiency
  • The wireless intelligent control does not need control cables, changes do not require installation work, groupings and parameter changes are implemented with browsers on computers or smartphones -> lifecycle cost-efficiency
  • Future proof. New features and possible interfaces to other systems are executed with software.
  • Remote control enabled.

Practical examples

  • Networking of luminaries. The area might contain several different lighting areas, networks in which the amount of light increases as a car or a person is detected by the motion sensor. The amount of light is reduced after the determined time or after exiting. Elsewhere, however, the level of lighting is kept on a lower level all this time. The networks or groups can be altered wirelessly, and one luminaire can be included in several networks.
  • Motion sensor control. The separate wireless motion sensor can also be placed outside the facility to change the lighting in advance.
  • Dimmer switch. The lights can be switched on during darkness also on a network level.
  • The same control system can include target and decorative luminaires to bring life and comfort into the premises. The control of this can be determined according to motion, the time or calendar.

Decentralised Intelligent LED Luminaire

This Valopaa solution consists of a connecting device with a motion sensor and several chained sources of light. The luminaires can be placed between the cars and the desired lighting is accomplished by choosing the right optics. One connecting device can control up to 16 luminaires.


Decentralised Intelligent LED Luminaire
Spotlight Fixtures
Ceiling Fixtures
Intelligent Multisensor
Master Unit