VP1301 LED Street Luminaire

The VP1301 LED street luminaire product family has been designed for lighting roads and streets. The luminaire has been approved by the Finnish Transport Agency. It is suited for new installations, as well as replacing old luminaires. The luminaire can be installed on horizontal and vertical shafts.

The installation angle can be adjusted by 5° steps with the help of a hinge. The VP1301 product family includes luminaires with the light amounts ranging up to 15200 lumen. The VP1301 is also suitable to area lighting with the appropriate optics.

There are two sizes available of the VP1301 led street light: versions M5 to M8 have their modules in one row, and version M10 and up have their modules in two rows.

VP1301i - intelligent street light

The VP1301 LED street luminaire is also available with the Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System. The light amount can be adjusted according to needs. A master unit controls the luminaire via radio communication. Controlling can be based on time or calendar, or motion detection and brightness of the environment.

Each luminaire manages the compensation of fading LED components independently. The control values of the luminaires and the master unit, such as the desired light amount and change patterns, are operated through software implemented e.g. within your web browser. With this new technology, adjusting the street lighting not only saves energy but it also increases the adaptability to various circumstances.


Input power
Useful quantity of light
VP1301 M6 (0,35A)
53 W 5700 lm
VP1301 M6 (0,7A) 105 W 9750 lm
VP1301i M6 (0,7A) 0, 11 - 103 W 0, 1400 -  9750 lm
VP1301 M8 (0,35A) 70 W 7600 lm
VP1301 M8 (0,7A)  138 W  13000 lm
VP1301i M8 (0,7A) 0, 16 - 137 W  0, 1800 - 13000 lm
VP1301 M12 101 W 11400 lm
VP1301 M16 132 W 15200 lm

NB! Due to the R&D; stage of our products, we reserve the right to make changes at any time without further notice.