Level 1- Intelligent Luminaire

An intelligent Valopaa LED light luminaire (i) has an electrical identity, intelligence and a two-way wireless radio connection, which controls the luminaire, the amount of light and, furthermore, enables developing new features during its lifespan. Some luminaires also have integrated sensors (is).

Level 1 - Intelligent Luminaire

  • Identity, individual recognition
  • Wireless communication; open license (free) and secured radio connection (standard; ETSI EN300 220-1)
  • Wireless updates of features
  • Compensation of light loss factors - Constant Light (patent pending)
  • Some luminaires contain integrated motion sensor (s)
  • The light may be switched off, but the communication and sensor are still in operation
  • Changeable parameters; amount of light (0, 10…100 %), response times to changes in amount of light and holding times.
  • Internal upper temperature limit protection and fault reports via communication.
  • Maintains the same amount of light through the lifespan
  • Changes amount of light according to need with the internal sensor or higher level control. Reports recognised faults

Intelligent Valopaa LED fixtures;

LED Street Lights; VP1301i, VP1302i, VP1401i, VP1402i
LED Bollards; VP8110i
LED Ceiling Light Fixtures; VP2401is, VP2402is
LED Floodlights; VP3411i