Intelligent lighting

Valopaa´s intelligent LED lighting system further increases the energy efficiency of LED lighting. Furthermore, illumination can be adjusted to fit the environment and be pleasant with the intelligent control.
The average input power of the intelligent luminaires is often only half of their full input power. The lighting can be controlled with sensors to meet the current need for light. Motion sensors, for example, can detect if there are people at the illuminated area who need lighting, and ambient light sensors can measure the amount of light needed at that moment.

The system works wirelessly by communicating via radio. It is easily adaptable for lighting of streets, outdoor areas, petrol stations, industrial and commercial estates, and many other lighting sites. The range of luminaires compatible with the intelligent system is expanded continuously. Currently Valopaa offers six different luminaire models with intelligence; street luminaires, floodlights and ceiling luminaires.

Valopaa´s intelligent LED lighting system:

  • Further increases the energy efficiency of LED lighting • Can be expanded as needed
  • Sensors can be situated freely – separate sensor units or sensors in luminaires
  • Future proof, wireless updates
  • LED lumen depreciation compensated
  • Remote control with web application, requires VPS Master unit

    • Grouping of luminaires and changing settings
    • Setting day and week profiles
    • Fault reporting (future added feature)
    • Turning off luminaires



  • NesteOil Express Oulu Lävistäjä petrol station
  • Tens of other petrol stations, e.g. Neste Oil, ABC, Shell, ST1
  • Intelligent street lighting, Oulun Energia test site at Myllyoja
  • Sanerkas office building, Helsinki