Uncompromising Quality and Performance

Valopaa places utmost focus on product quality and performance. Our LED luminaires and our intelligent LED lighting systems are reliable, energy-efficient, easily maintainable and always providing the desired lighting. Our products are designed and manufactured in Finland.
Our luminaires are based on our own modular product platform. The structural elements in the platform are designed to meet the 30-year minimum life requirement for street lights placed by the Finnish Transport Agency. All of our products are based on the same product platform.

High reliability depends on good thermo-resistance and protection from dust and moisture, achieved through the meticulous casing of the LED and optical components. The energy efficiency of our products is also top class. This is ensured by attentive design, choosing the right LED components and the appropriate optical and mechanical implementation. 

Our LED luminaires are modular and designed for our own product platform, thus enabling easy maintenance. Single LED modules and power sources can be replaced, which prolongs the lifespan of the luminaire. Our LED modules are also repairable. Furthermore, our LED modules have extremely long lifespan expectancies to begin with.

Achieving desired lighting and precise control of the light requires careful optical design and implementation. The energy efficiency of a LED luminaire increases with precise direction of the light and elimination of wasted light. The optical solution in our LED modules is to place a lens on the LEDs.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Finland. This enables more effective input to product quality and structures from our clients. Moreover, our Finnish climate presents challenges that the majority of the LED luminaires on the market simply cannot meet. The Valopaa products fulfil all requirements even in -40C conditions.

The Valopaa intelligent LED lighting system, inclusive all modules and devices, has been designed to endure the same demanding circumstances as our LED luminaires.