Cycle and pedestrian underpasses, Southwest Finland

Long-Lasting LED Technology to Replace Mercury Vapour Lights

Customer Benefits at Underpass Lighting

  • Lifecycle cost-efficiency: energy efficiency, long lifespan, low need for maintenance, vandalism durability, vibration absorption, good protection against vandalism
  • Pleasant and befitting white light
Dozens of pedestrian and bicycle underpasses across southwest Finland are now enjoying bright and sustainable LED lighting. The new luminaires, produced and delivered by Valopaa, have replaced the old mercury vapour lamps that in the past shed light on the cyclists and the pedestrians. Valopaa LED luminaires have been installed in Raisio, Mynämäki, Somero, Salo and Nousianen.

Raisio Sähkö-INSTO carried out the installations. The actual end-customer was the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southwest Finland, which is also responsible for maintenance of pedestrian and bicycle trails.

“The lighting intensities are exactly as we wished.´

Marko Arvonen, the Department Manager of street lighting and installation services at Raision Sähkö-INSTO, says that the Valopaa LED lights have fully lived up to the expectations.
“We got what we ordered. For example, the lighting intensities are exactly as we wished´, he says.

According to Arvonen, the main reasons for selecting the LED lights was the large amount of provided light and the energy efficiency of the lights, the low level of maintenance, long lifespan and protection against vandalism.

The installation began in October 2010, and was finished in April the next year. All in all, Valopaa supplied 380 bridge luminaires for underpass lighting for southwest Finland. Both recessed and surface-mounted versions were used, with each luminaire having 11W of power.
According to Marko Arvonen, the cooperation with Valopaa went really well during the entire installation project.

“Valopaa´s service level was excellent,´ he says.

Souhtwest Finland, cycle and pedestrian underpasses
Luminaires: VP2221 M1 (11W) and VP2223 M1 (11W)
Contractor: Raision Sähkö-INSTO Oy