LED Lumen Maintenance

All light sources experience light loss (lumen depreciation) over their operating life. Lumen maintenance compares the amount of light produced by a brand new light source to the amount of light at a certain time in the future.
The light loss is compensated in the intelligent Valopaa luminaires.
The light flux of HPS and HQL lamps decreases by 30% in four years, and they need to be changed after that. Metal halide lamps need replacing approximately every other year. The lumen maintenance of LED components depends both on the LED technology, and on the implementation of the LED luminaire, specifically how much the LED components are strained with power and heat.

The figures below present the lumen maintenance of the LED components used in Valopaa LED luminaires. Note the differences in indoor and outdoor use, as well as the used current input of 350mA or 700mA. Halving the current also halves the luminous flux. The current is typically 350 mA in Valopaa intelligent LED luminaires.

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Led (350 mA) in typical outdoor use in the Nordic climate.

Led (700 mA) in typical outdoor use in the Nordic climate.

Led (350 mA) in typical indoor use.

Led (700 mA) in typical indoor use.