Torpparinmäki Elementary School, Helsinki

Sustainable and Energy Efficient Lighting for a School Yard

Customer Benefits

  • Good protection against vandalism keeps maintenance costs low
  • Energy efficiency improved by 70-80% with LED technology and specifically with the right optics and alignment of light

On top of high pillars, forty floodlights illuminate the yard of Torpparinmäki Elementary School in Helsinki. In 2010 the old metal halide floodlights were replaced with Valopaa’s LED luminaires. The new solution aimed at reducing the need for maintenance as well as saving energy. Both goals were achieved.

The Technical Superintendent Tapio Valonen from the City of Helsinki’s Real Estate Department’s Facility Center says that the earlier floodlights needed renewal all the time. This cost money and time, because of the height of the pillars. A work lift was needed every time to lift the maintenance person. The metal halide lamps also consumed a lot of electricity, which was not in line with objective of the City of Helsinki to decrease energy consumption by at least two percent annually at every real estate.

Sanerkas is responsible for the maintenance in Torpparinmäki Elementary School, its supervisor Keijo Kasurinen says having once counted that only a half of the metal halide lights were working. He and superintendent Valonen made the decision to deploy Valopaa’s LED floodlights at the schoolyard.

“The new LED luminaires were installed in two rounds, ten pieces first in the spring of 2010 and the rest in the autumn. The LED lights have been working perfectly, there has been no need for renewal´, Kasurinen says.

The amount of energy needed for lighting has decreased substantially, since LED technology requires only a fraction of the power needed for metal halide lamps to produce bright lighting. 250W and 70W metal halide lights have been replaced with 55W and 22 W LED luminaires.
“In co-operation with Valopaa, we were looking for lighting, which would be suitable in brightness and light distribution. The right solution was found and it has been working well´, superintendent Valonen concludes.

The main building of Torpparinmäki Elementary School, of modern architecture, was finished in 1999, the same year as the school opened. There are approximately 380 pupils in grades 1 to 9.

Elementary School of Torpparinmäki, lighting of the school yard
Luminaires: Valopaa VP3311 M6 (55W) and VP 3311 M2 (22W) LED floodlights
Contractor: Sanerkas
Building Superintendent: The City of Helsinki’s Real Estate Department, Facility Center