The Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System – A Technical System Description

The Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System is a modular system platform for safe, befitting and flexible intelligent lighting, also enabling possible future expansions and modification needs.

The system can be expanded according to the need of the customer, starting from intelligent LED luminaires, to sets of luminaires, control sensors and master units controlling all devices, to comprehensive remotely controlled modern intelligent solutions. These pages, including the sub pages, depict the technical functionality of the system and the following pages present various solutions and features with benefits at different locations.

The System Levels and Devices

Level 1 - Intelligent Luminaire

An intelligent Valopaa LED light luminaire (i) has an electrical identity, intelligence and a two-way wireless radio connection, which controls the luminaire, the amount of light and, furthermore, enables developing new features during its lifespan. Some luminaires also have integrated sensors (is).

Level 2 - Intelligent Network

Intelligent networks consist of intelligent wirelessly communicating luminaires and sensors controlling the lighting. The luminaires adjust the lighting according to set parameters and sensory control. The sensor may be placed either in the luminaire or the connecting or separate device. The amount of light is adjusted according to need.

Level 3 - Building and Area Level

Valopaa master units are deployed when a building or general area contains many luminaires and intelligent networks with sensors. The master unit enables further lighting control through the clock, the sun, calendar and remote control via the Internet. The master unit controls the local lighting independently on Level 3, all changes are implemented with a web browser, either by WLAN or Ethernet.

Level 4 - Operator Level

The Level 4 is intended for customers, who need efficient control of several Level 3 lighting solutions. Lighting is controlled by a web browser, enabling controlling one, several or all solutions of the operator simultaneously. The Operator Level streamlines the implementation of changes and administration.

Intelligent Multisensor

The functionality of Valopaa´s wireless intelligent multisensor is chosen according to need, it can be either a motion detector, standard light sensor or a photoresistor. The parameters and functionality are altered and governed by the master unit. The communication between the master and the sensor is wireless.

The Master Unit

Inside the sturdy aluminium case of the master unit we find an industrial Linux-computer, lighting control software, a real-time clock with guaranteed battery life beyond expected lifespan and two-way secured wireless connections to the luminaires, sensors, the computer, smartphones, the Internet and a wired Ethernet connection.