VP2101 LED Ceiling Luminaire

The VP2101 LED ceiling luminaire has been designed to be used in lighting of e.g. underpasses of walkways and roads, undersides of bridges, parking garages, canopies and industrial buildings. The luminaire is recessed, i.e. it is mounted with only the front panel and the light emitting lens of the LED modules are left visible under the ceiling structure. All the other parts of the luminaire are inside the ceiling structure. The LED modules, driver and the front cover are changeable.
VP2101 W lm
M2 (350 mA) 20 1500
M2 ‘low glare’ 20 1500
M2 (700 mA) 36  2700
M4 (700 mA) 40 3000
M4 i 0, 9 – 40 0, 1000 – 3000