Modernising Old Technology

Luminaires designed by architects in urban environments and street lighting can effortlessly be modernised with the VPM LED technology. The old design of the luminaires can be preserved as well as the infrastructure, by placing new luminaire structures within the old bodies. 1-12 LED modules per luminaire can be used, depending on the luminaire. The optical solutions and directing the modules are chosen according to the required lighting needs. The modernisation prolongs the lifespan of older investments and produces significant savings in maintenance and use costs.

Pictured above: the modernisation of a Cupola luminaire. The old luminaires had 250 W high-power natrium lamps, which are now replaced by Valopaa LED technology, requiring only 90W per luminaire.


Input power
Amount of light
1-4 modules
11 W/module
950 lm / module (350 mA)
5-12 modules
9 W/module
950 lm / module (350 mA)

NB! Due to the R&D; stage of our products, we reserve the right to make changes at any time without further notice.