LED Modules for Customised Products

All Valopaa LED luminaires consist of LED modules, designed and manufactured by us. The modules and components are developed with our own product platform and our products have a wide range of applications. This increases the reliability of our products, since the structures and modules are tested in all kinds of conditions.
The product platform includes LED modules, drivers and components of the intelligent lighting system. The LED modules are FI approved. All of our drivers and connecting devices are certified.

The VPM LED modules can be used in a wide variety of projects. Customised products can be developed quickly with Valopaa´s product platform. Furthermore, architects and lighting designers can design new luminaires based on Valopaa LED modules. The developed luminaires may be produced in cooperation with Valopaa, or they can be even sold as a part of Valopaa´s product range. Valopaa also carries out ODM projects.

Valopaa lighting modules and components:

  • Ready-made and tested LED technology – with or without intelligence – as a part of the luminaire range of the customer
  • Can be implemented as part of a luminaire design project by architects, contractors or designers
  • All Valopaa optics and LED modules are compatible
  • All Phillips Lumileds Rebel and Z-led colours, colour temperatures and colour renderings are available
  • Standard modules also available as spare parts


  • VPM LED modules
  • VPD drivers
  • VPS intelligent modules


  • The LED modules and 12V driver have been used in solar panel light fixtures, the LED modules in aquarium lighting (not under water) and the lighting control technique in indoor lighting applications
  • Retrofit projects carried out by customers
  • The VPM LED modules have also been used in many light fixture design contest works