VP3511 LED Floodlight Fixture

The V3511 LED floodlight luminaire has been developed for spotlighting and area lighting. The luminaire lightens up courtyards, parks, buildings and other objects. It is attached with screws to ceilings, walls or poles. The installation angle is fully adjustable and the luminaire can be aligned as needed. The luminaire can also be utilised in street lighting by wire rope hanging or installing to bridge structures.

The LED floodlight luminaires are suited to both indoor and outdoor use. Available also with pre-installed power cables, making the floodlights easy to use and move according to needs, e.g. at construction sites.



Input power
Useful quantity of light
VP3411 M2 22 W 1800 lm
VP3411 M4 (0,35A) 39 W 3600 lm
VP3411 M4 (0,7A) 75 W 6400 lm
VP3411i M4 0, 9 - 72 W 0, 700 - 6400 lm
VP3411 M8 (0,35A) 73 W 7200 lm
VP3411 M8 (0,7A) 144 W 12800 lm
VP3411i M8 0, 16 - 142 W 0, 1400 - 12800 lm
VP3411 M16 (0,35A) 138 W 14400 lm
VP3411 M16 (0,7A) 288 W 25600 lm

NB! Due to the R&D; stage of our products, we reserve the right to make changes at any time without further notice.