Adaptable Area Lighting

Valopaa luminaires meet the demands for most area lighting requirements – be that parks, parking facilities or precise spotlighting.  By choosing the right optics we attain the desired lighting.
Valopaa LED luminaires have unique design. Luminaires of to the same design family have a variety of different installation options. Hence different installations, e.g. to lighting poles, walls or columns, can be chosen according to the installation site and needs. The VP1302 LED fixtures directs light from one pole to two directions, which is useful e.g. at parking areas.

The Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System is very functional when applied to area lighting. The lighting is maintained exactly as desired at any given moment and energy is saved.

Valopaa area luminaires:

  • Luminaires from the same design family available with different installing options and power versions
  • Multiple optics can be used in one luminaire
  • VP1302 LED fixture available in one and two sided versions - enables lighting from one pole to two directions