Bright-headed LED Lighting Solutions

The company name Valopaa comes from the Finnish word ´valopää´. Originally the word was used to describe a person who is creative, innovative and ready to take on new challenges. The literal translation, from the Finnish words ´valo´ (light) and ´pää´ (head) could be translated as ´bright-head´, rather than anything referring to light-headedness, which has an altogether different meaning in English. For us in Valopaa the company name means intelligent lighting solutions.

Our aim is that the name of the company reflects us, as a creative and intelligent company. And there are excellent grounds for this already - our LED products contain a plethora of state-of-the-art features, creative solutions and intelligent characteristics.

Those who have chosen and rely on our products also deserve to be called bright-headed. They have obtained long-term, reliable, illuminating and intelligent LED fixtures.