Reliable LED lighting products

The Valopaa LED luminaires are intended for long-term use, when befitting and excellent quality lighting is required, alongside high energy efficiency, good product maintainability and reliability even in the most demanding environments.

Our luminaires are based on our own modular product platform. The structural elements in the platform are designed thus that street lights manufactured with these parts meet the 30-year minimum life requirement placed by the Finnish Transport Agency. Hereby all of our products and customers benefit from the quality of the same product platform.
All of our LED fixtures are presented on these LED luminaires pages. Specifics of all the products can be found through the links on respective product pages or through product search.

Versatile Uses

Our LED luminaires are most versatile according to use and placement. Our products are excellent in the lighting of roads, streets, parks, bridges and underpasses, parking areas, petrol stations, industrial sites and outdoor areas.

Intelligent Lighting

The light quantity produced by our luminaires can be either fixed or adjustable. Most of our luminaires can be equipped with the very progressive Valopaa wireless intelligent system. The letter i stands for wireless intelligent systems and is signals that the luminaire includes a motion sensor as well. Traditional lighting control devices are also an option, such as 1-10V and Dali.

Common Features of all Valopaa LED Luminaires

  • high energy efficiency
  • easy maintenance
  • high reliability
  • durability, long lifespan
  • excellent lighting capacity
In addition to the present pages, more information on the features of the Valopaa solutions can be found on the Quality and Technology pages and the Intelligent Lighting pages.

Extensive Variety of LED Fixtures

The modular product platform developed by Valopaa enables an extensive variety of luminaires, retrofit and customised solutions. The Valopaa VPM LED module is one of the most common and most durable modules available on the LED market. There are numerous optical lenses available to the same module structure to achieve the desired distribution of light (see Optics).

Choosing an adequate luminaire requires the right amount of LED modules, the appropriate optics, the correct power class and controller. The same structural components in all luminaires improve the long-term serviceability of our luminaires.