Shell Esloo, Holland

Intelligent Systems Illuminate Refuelling in the Netherlands

Customer Benefits

  • Energy efficiency improved by 80%
  • Long lifespan and low maintenance need
  • Solid white light with excellent colour rendering

The fuel meter canopies of Shell petrol station in Elsloo city are now lit by Valopaa LED luminaires. In 2012 Valopaa delivered an intelligent lighting system to the petrol station in southern Holland, and the system was put into use immediately. The petrol station is quite large with wide canopies, so many luminaries were needed, a total of 27 ceiling luminaires.

The Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System adjusts the canopy lights according to customer flow and conditions. The amount of light increases when a customer drives up and the lights dim after the specified time after the customer has left. The lighting system also has numerous other control features. Similar systems are also implemented elsewhere.

The distributor of Valopaa in the Netherlands, Managing Director M. Danklof from Wege-Licht NL/B, states that the solution in Elsloo has been a success. Altogether, he is very happy with Valopaa and its products.

“The quality is high and service is good´, he summarises.

Managing Director Danklof emphasises that Valopaa LED luminaires are powerful and produce lot of lumens, introducing intelligent features to lighting, very energy efficient and with very pleasant optics.

“Valopaa´s intelligent lighting solutions have raised wide interest among petrol stations in the Netherlands already´, he concludes.

However, Danklof reminds us that the competition is tough. Many petrol station chains have long binding contracts with lighting companies. These contracts often bind stations to old and expensive technology.

LED technology and its clear benefits are becoming widely known also in the Netherlands. Danklof predicts a very bright future for LED lighting in the Netherlands.

Project: Shell Station Kerensheide
Retailer: Wege-Licht NL/B
Luminaires: VP2321i M8