Raatti stadium wall, Oulu

LED Lighting Made Concrete Wall Come to Life

Customer Benefits

  • A product which fits the needs of the customer
  • An impressive visual experience
  • Pure white light, no discolouration or defects in colour, although the lights are aligned tightly against the wall surface. Meticulous LED binning.
  • Lifecycle cost-efficiency: high energy efficiency due to excellent optics, a long lifespan, low need for maintenance.
The renovators of the Raatti Stadium in Oulu were in for a small surprise. A magnificent wall was built around the stadium, and it was to be illuminated with special vandalism safe fluorescent luminaires. However, the production of these so called wall washers had been discontinued. Another solution needed to be found.

The answer was Valopaa´s LED luminaires. Jouko Hakala, installation manager at Lemminkäinen, participated in the renovation project. He had seen LED based solutions used in accent lighting, and he proposed trying out LED lighting for the Raatti Stadium wall. He contacted Valopaa and enquired if the company could provide LED lighting for the site.

“Using LED luminaires required tailoring for the electrical chaining, among other things, to avoid installing unnecessary junction boxes´, Hakala explains.

One dark evening the people of the renovation project gathered at the renovation site to compare Valopaa´s LED luminaire with a fluorescent luminaire. In addition to Valopaa, an electrical engineer, a representative of the constructor and installation manager Hakala were present. The group also took pictures from the test installation.

 `…a vivid look on the white concrete wall and pure light´

The test installation proved that the Valopaa LED luminaires were spot on for the illumination of the stadium wall.

´The lighting created a vivid look on the white concrete wall and pure light. The fluorescent subzero tube was not able to highlight the texture of the wall at all in the same way. The LED luminaires also save energy substantially. The input power of the original luminaire was 36W, when the chosen LED luminaire is only 11W. In addition, the luminaires were wired in a way that with minor control arrangements it is possible to have only every second luminaire on´, Hakala concludes.

There are 180 Valopaa LED luminaires installed at the wall. The luminaires are situated at the underside of the ceiling of the wall, illuminating downwards. In principle, the lighting could have been implemented e.g. by pole mounted luminaires, but due to busy pedestrian and cycle traffic right next to the side of the stadium wall, all extra structures were to be avoided.

The lighting of the wall is intended to create a visually imposing experience and also to prevent the concrete wall looking gloomy and grey during dark hours. The project was very successful. The wall, situated by the busy Tuira bridges, is highlighted and it now stands out magnificently. The stadium has undergone complete renovation, where lighting and comfort were under special emphasis.

Project: Lighting of Raatti Stadium wall
Luminaires: Valopaa VP2231 M1 LED fixtures
Contractor: Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka
Electrical engineering: Arkins Suunnittelu