VP2224 LED Luminaire

The VP2224 LED bridge luminaire has a high IP-rating. The luminaire is designed for demanding conditions in ceilings of e.g. underpasses, bridges, tunnels, parking garages, building canopies and industrial buildings.

The luminaire is surface-mounted to the ceiling structure. The front panel of the luminaire is hinged to the back, which is fastened to the ceiling structure. This makes it easier to install the luminaire and make the electrical connections. Electrical wiring can be brought into the luminaires either from two sides or from the back, and the wiring can be done in series.


Input power
Useful quantity of light
VP2224 M1 11 W 950 lm
VP2224 M2 22 W 1900 lm
VP2224 M3 33 W 2850 lm
VP2224 M4 39 W 3800 lm

NB! Due to the R&D; stage of our products, we reserve the right to make changes at any time without further notice.