Reliable Industrial Lighting

Valopaa offers a variety of solutions to the lighting of industrial estates and halls. As an example, the VP1401 LED fixture is an excellent replacement choice for old mercury high bay luminaires. The Valopaa LED luminaires have a very long lifespan and are maintenance free. These qualities become crucial if the luminaires are situated in places that are difficult to reach, or if production must be halted due to lamp changes.
Intelligent LED lighting and LED luminaires enable a completely new level in lighting control. Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System maintains energy efficiency at top level, since the lighting is always optimised. Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System operates wirelessly; furthermore, it can easily be deployed for older buildings and sites as well.

Valopaa industrial luminaires:

  • Minimal need for maintenance
  • White light in an energy efficient manner
  • Pleasant colour rendering
  • Replaces old mercury luminaires
  • CCTV compatible
  • No disturbances or reactive effects into the electrical grid
  • Wireless intelligent lighting system with sensors cuts energy consumption in half


  • Industrial luminaire VP1401
  • Ceiling luminaires VP2221, VP2222 and VP2223
  • Valopaa Intelligent LED lighting system


  • Sanerkas office and workshop building, outdoor and indoor lighting
  • Pulla-Pirtti, Oulu bakery – lighting of parking area, loading platform and indoor spaces
  • Façade lighting, Kuopion Kuljetus Kalusto
  • Ruukki Steel Works, Raahe