VP2221 LED Luminaires

The VP2221 LED bridge light is designed as a ceiling luminaire for underpasses of walkways and roads, bridge structures, parking garages, and building canopies. The luminaire is mounted recessed; with only the exothermic panel and the light-emitting lens of the LED modules are left visible from under the ceiling structure. All the other parts of the luminaire are left inside the ceiling structure. The luminaire is structurally durable and safe.



Input power
Useful quantity of light
VP2221 M1 (S) 11 W 950 lm
VP2221 M1 (L) 11 W 950 lm
VP2221 M2 (S) 22 W 1900 lm
VP2221 M2 (L) 22 W 1900 lm
VP2221 M3 33 W 2850 lm
VP2221 M4 39 W 3800 lm
VP2221 M6 53 W 5700 lm


Vandalism shield. Installed on top of the LED module and optical lens to protect against mischief and vandalism. Protects from spray paints and decreases the risk of mechanical strain and damage. UV protected polycarbonate. Seal and screws included in the package. NB! Order one shield for each LED module in the luminaire.

Flush mounting frame. The VP2221 LED luminaires can be installed to the underside of bridges with this flush mounting frame in new building bridge sites. With the aid of this installation case, the electrical tubing will be easier and wooden molds for the fixtures are no longer needed. The luminaires can be easily installed into the case after the bridge building is finished.


NB! Due to the R&D; stage of our products, we reserve the right to make changes at any time without further notice.