Approval Markings

The Valopaa LED module structure has been FI approved. All connection devices have been certified, which validates that all requirements have been filled. All of our products are CE marked. Some luminaires have been FI approved. We will obtain separate approval markings to all luminaires according to customer needs.

CE markings

All Valopaa products have CE markings.
The CE marking indicates that the product conforms with all EC directives that apply to it and it has passed all possibly arranged inspections. Within the EU, the marking is mandatory in some product groups, such as machinery and electronics. The CE marking enables free movement and sale of the product throughout the European Economic Area and it is also a guarantee from the manufacturer that the product complies with all applicable EC requirements, such as safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection.

FI markings

Valopaa VPM LED modules have bee approved by SGS Fimkon and they have been granted FI markings. Valopaa has the right to the use of the FI marking, i.e. the manufacture at Valopaa fulfils the set standards.

The FI marking granted by SGS Fimko is a neutral, well-known and esteemed certification marking, indicating safety and quality of the product. FI markings indicate the safety of the product on the basis of standardised and neutral tests. The appropriate use of the marking is also monitored regularly. The FI marking may be used in products which have a valid FI certificate, granted by SGS Fimko. The validity of the FI certificate required annual auditioning of the production and maintaining the production of the product as at type testing. The use of the marking is in addition to the quality control of the production monitored by random tests. More information on safe electrical devices can be found in the SGS Fimko registry of Certified products.

The Key Flag Symbol

Valopaa VP LED luminaires have been granted the Key Flag Symbol of origin.
The Key Flag Symbol indicates that the product has been manufactured or the service produced in Finland. The symbol provides the customer with the possibility to choose a domestic alternative. The use of the Key Flag Symbol is monitored by the Association for Finnish Work. More information on the website of the Association for Finnish Work.

Approval Marking of the Finnish Transport Agency

The Valopaa VP1301 LED Street Fixture has been granted the K class approval by the Finnish Transport agency. The luminaire can also be used in class AI lighting. All Valopaa luminaires have been manufactured by the same process as the approved VP1301 LED Street fixture. The approval process of the Finnish Transport Agency inspects the technological structure and properties of lighting.