Outcrop by the Kuopio Airport road

The Illuminated Outcrop is an Experience in itself

Customer Benefits

  • Pleasant and memorable lighting
  • Extremely well distributed white light (the lens aligns the light very precisely)
  • Lifecycle cost-efficiency: energy efficiency, durability, vibration absorption, long lifespan

The new road leading to the Kuopio Airport was opened for traffic in October 2011. The road runs past a magnificent outcrop. It looks particularly impressive in the dark – now that it is beautifully illuminated. The lighting of the outcrop is part of a larger road landscape project between Kuopio Airport, Kuopio and Matkus. The project also includes e.g. the sculpture by the roundabout at Kuopio Airport.

According to project manager Hannu Nurmi, from the Finnish Transport Agency, the goal is to produce pleasant experiences and provide visitors a nice memory of the city.

“I think that the lighting of the outcrop, and the improvement of the airport surroundings in general, has been very successful´, he says.

The lighting is accomplished with Valopaa LED luminaries and lighting designer Ari Tiilikainen from LITE-designs designed it. Tiilikainen says that the durability of Valopaa´s luminaires made the choice. The luminaires are long-lived, with a minimal need for maintenance. These qualities become crucial when the luminaires were installed on top of long specially manufactured poles, at places very difficult to reach.

“We wanted secure light sources, which do not require constant maintenance and repair´, he summarises.

Furthermore, the LED technology brings many more benefits. It enables the design of small and unobtrusive luminaires. The energy efficiency ratio of a LED luminaire with an optical lens is better compared to a traditional lamp with a reflector. The LED luminaires also have high durability for vibration, and different colour temperatures are easily produced.
Tiilikainen wanted sharp and cold toned white light for this site, to create a stark contrast to the yellow light from the high-pressure sodium road lamps. The price difference between metal halide and LED luminaires has now evened out – especially when the long lifespan and energy efficiency of the latter is considered – that the lighting designer felt that choosing LEDs was fully justifiable.

Ari Tiilikainen wanted to highlight the ruggedness of the outcrop and the depth fluctuation of the rock surface.

“That is why the light could not come directly from the front, but should be directed either upwards or downwards. The upward option was discarded because it would direct light pollution to the sky. Which, especially in close proximity to the airport, was not a good idea. The downward option was the best, but it required placing the luminaires hanging, on poles above the outcrop´, Tiilikainen states.

Project: Improving the Kuopio Airport road
Customer: Finnish Transport Agency
Main contractor: Destia
Lighting design: LITE-designs
Electrical planning and contracting: Voimatel
LED luminaires: Valopaa
Special poles / rock fastening: Toivalan Metalli