Level 2- Intelligent Network

Intelligent networks consist of intelligent wirelessly communicating luminaires and sensors controlling the lighting. The luminaires adjust the lighting according to set parameters and sensory control. The sensor may be placed either in the luminaire or the connecting or separate device. The amount of light is adjusted according to need.

Level 2 - Intelligent Network

  • A network of intelligent luminaires and a sensor
  • The sensor is in the luminaire or the connecting or separate device
  • The sensor controls the luminaires
  • The luminaires contain information of low and high power levels.
  • The functionality set at the sensor and commands for mode change:
             - Motion detector; sensitivity (internal or external sensor)
             - Brightness sensor; level of lux (external sensor)
             - Dimmer switch; level of lux (external sensor)

The installed setting of the sensor in relation to the functionality -> the sensor recognises the mode change, communicates to the luminaires and the luminaires change amount of light simultaneously.