Warranty Terms and Conditions 01/2011

I Warranty

  1. Valopaa Ltd. issues a warranty against defects in the products it has manufactured and marketed (hereafter “device´).
  2. These terms and conditions specify in detail the warranty and liability limits.
  3. Valopaa Ltd. guarantees that devices which are installed correctly and are used in accordance with their intended purpose, possible guidelines and valid regulations, will function properly and are free from defects. Devices are produced from flawless materials.
  4. The guarantee period starts from the delivery date marked in the invoice and/or in the covering note.
  5. Warranty period for products:
    a. VP light fixtures are warranted for 2 years, unless otherwise agreed. In case the light fixture and the place of installation have been registered and the light fixture is used in accordance with its intended purpose, the warranty period is 5 years. During the warranty period the light intensity can fall but no more than 30% of the specified light intensity without considered as defect.
    b. The warranty of VPM modules, drivers and other components is 1 year. Modules and components that are sold as spare parts have the same warranty.
    c. Software products can be subject of a maintenance contract.
    d. Warranty repairs do not affect the warranty period.
  6. Events of failure should reported without delay to Valopaa Ltd. by email ([email protected]) or, alternatively, in writing or by phone (+358 10 470 8895). If the fault has caused damage or has inflicted a risk of damage, reporting should be done immediately. The notice should identify the nature of the fault, the location of the device, the installer of the device and contact information.

II Warranty repairs

  1. Only Valopaa Ltd. or a service agency designated by Valopaa Ltd. can perform warranty repairs.
  2. Warranty repair means repair work performed for the device based on its warranty, regardless of the amount of parts that are replaced. Shipping of the device back to the customer is also included in the warranty.
  3. It might be needed to show the purchase receipt and purchase invoice indicating the device identification and its delivery date to the repairing agent.
  4. The device should be sent to the warranty repair provider.
  5. Obligations to perform warranty repairs and warranty itself are terminated if:
    a. The device´s name plate has been altered or removed;
    b. The purchase receipt of the device is not provided;
    c. If the installation was done by someone else than Valopaa or appropriate qualified personnel;
    d. If someone other than Valopaa or a service provider authorized by Valopaa has performed repair work on the device;
    e. The device has not been installed or repaired in a professional manner or by qualified personnel;
    f. The device is mechanically broken or it has been corroded;
    g. The device has not been used for the intended purpose in accordance with instructions for use or existing regulations.  

III Exceptions

  1. The warranty does not cover:
    a. Defects caused by the fact that the device is not installed correctly, or is not used as intended and in accordance with the instructions for use and/or existing regulations.
    b. Failure caused by negligent maintenance or improper storage of the device.
    c. User-induced damage to the device.
    d. Faults caused by a lightning strike or voltage change, or any other similar factors caused by external factors.
    e. The failure caused by repair or maintenance performed by someone else than Valopaa or an appropriate service provider defined by Valopaa.
    f. Changes and repairs of parts such as LEDs, drivers, etc., which arise from wear due to normal operation. Dying of a single LED is not considered to be a malfunction. The warranty covers, however, manufacturing defects and faulty components.
    g. Equipment the name plate of which has been modified or removed. i. Indirect damage caused by the device or by warranty repair work, nor damage or expenses caused by device removal, shipping to the manufacturer or reinstallation.

IV Limitation of liability

Valopaa is not responsible for possible indirect damage caused by the device, such as production interruption, decline of turnover, loss of profits, occupancy hindrance or other undesirable effects unless it is a matter of gross negligence. Valopaa Ltd. is not responsible for delays caused by problems that are outside of Valopaa Ltd.´s area of influence.


V Other terms and conditions

Valopaa Ltd. general warranty terms and conditions override Orgalime S2000 General Terms and Conditions. The latter will be used as complimentary terms and conditions.