Oulu Airport parking area, Oulunsalo

High-Class White LED Lighting at the Airport Parking Area

Customer Benefits

  • Pleasant white lighting
  • Lifecycle cost-efficiency: energy efficiency and a long lifespan
  • Experience in LED technology

Finavia Corporation maintains a network of 25 airports in Finland and more efficient energy usage is a constant objective. A part of this is to explore new more environmentally friendly solutions for the illumination of the airports and their surroundings. Mercury vapour lamps are still used in many parking areas of airports, however, the sale of mercury lamps will be discontinued within the EU in the autumn of 2015, due to poor energy efficiency.

During the Oulu Airport reparation and expansion, the parking lot and its lighting were renewed as well. The P1 parking area, directly in front of the terminal building, has been illuminated with Valopaa's LED luminaires since 2010.
The implementation of LED lighting at the Oulu Airport had several reasons. Finavia's electrical engineer, Oskari Moisio, says that the company wants to be a forerunner when it comes to technological advancement – which applies to illumination as well. That is why getting acquainted with the possibilities of LED technology is of great importance.

“We have had single LED lights, but we wanted to have more experience in illuminating a larger area with LEDs´, he explains.

The Oulu Airport's P1 parking area has, according to Moisio, been very suitable in this respect.
“The area is not too big or too small, but just the right size for a pilot project like this.´ In addition, having LED lighting at the airport is supporting the image of Oulu as a technology city. “The fact that we could contract a local luminaire supplier is excellent,´ he says.

Finavia seeks solutions, which not only saves energy, but also are top notch and cost-efficient. According to Moisio, the airport's parking area now has white lighting of a high quality – just as expected. The fact that Valopaa could present the cost estimate for the whole lifecycle was of great importance. The calculations clearly displayed that the slightly bigger investment will be paid back over time, thanks to smaller maintenance costs.

Finavia still has all kinds of luminaries in use around the country, including mercury vapour lamps, metal-halide lamps, sodium vapour lamps and LEDs. In the coming years, due to the discontinuation of mercury vapour lamps, there will be a severe need for renovation in different outdoor spaces, e.g. parking areas.

“We are following the development of lighting technology. When renovations are to be made, the lighting decisions will be made case by case. LEDs will, without doubt, be one of the options.´ Moisio estimates.

Oulu Airport, Lighting of parking area P1
Luminaires: Valopaa's VP1302 M6 55W and VP1302 M6+M6 110W