Appropriate Energy Efficient Lighting for Petrol Stations

The magnitude of lighting changes automatically according to need. The lighting at the fuel pumps and carwash increases when a client enters the area. The lights of the yard and canopies are dimmable with the timer and calendar settings, but motion brightens the lights again. Modifications are made by computer or smartphone. 80% energy savings has been achieved in intelligent lighting of fuel pump areas compared to traditional metal halide lighting.

Petrol Station Lighting Control

Petrol station lighting networks can e.g. be the fuel pumps, the carwash, the canopies and the yard (each area can be divided into several networks). Each network may have individual controls, timings, calendars and sensors. The master unit controls the lighting. The petrol station entrepreneur may modify all networks and controls according to need with a browser on a computer or smartphone. Our solution has been developed in close co-operation with petrol station chains, entrepreneurs and contractors.

Intelligent System at the Petrol Pumps

The intelligent luminaires communicate wirelessly. The luminaires by the fuel pumps (or certain pumps) adjust the lighting simultaneously depending on movement in the area. The high and low levels of the amount of light, change speeds and holding times at high level are all adjustable. The adjustment range can be 10%...100%, and it can also be switched off. The luminaires compensate light loss factors automatically.

The following options are available for the intelligent systems at the petrol pumps:
  • Wireless dimmer switches
  • Master units, enabling e.g. free networking of luminaires and sensors, clock and calendar control, browser interface and remote control option.

If the system is expanded into e.g. the yard, canopies and carwash:

  • Intelligent Valopaa luminaires for street and area lighting. The master unit enables e.g. an emergency switch, clock or sunlight controlling and free networking. 
Intelligent luminaires for the yard, canopies and carwash:
  • The master unit controls a wireless switch (relay), which turns luminaires and other devices on and off, e.g. the column lights, yard lights and price board
  • Intelligent lighting for the carwash, lighting level changes from low to high whenever a person or vehicle enters, similarly to the lights at the fuel pumps. The master unit can schedule the times for turning the lights on or off.

Controlling several petrol stations or fuel pump areas

  • Progressive remote control to administer and monitor all stations of the customer according to need, implemented with a server.
Neste Oil Express at Lävistäjä, Oulu
Shell Elsloo, The Netherlands