Light up the Facades

Valopaa products illuminate facades and courtyards creatively. Certain objects or details deserve also to be highlighted.
The colour of light and the colour temperature are key ingredients in accent and spotlighting and lighting of facades. All colour temperatures can therefore be specified for the Valopaa LED modules. We guarantee that LED modules with the exact same colour temperatures as the original will be available as spare parts years down the road.  Standard Valopaa LED luminaires have neutral white 4100K LEDs.

Valopaa facade and accent luminaires:

  • Colour of light and colour temperature can be specified precisely
  • Optical solutions increase energy efficiency and light alignment
  • Minimal need for maintenance – important especially if luminaires are difficult to get to
  • Power versions, optics and installation type can be tailored
  • Retrofit solutions suitable for historical sites


  • Floodlights VP3232 and VP3411
  • Spotlights VP3111
  • Façade luminaires VP2231
  • Valopaa´s LED retrofit solutions