LED Bollards

The VP2224 LED bridge light fixture has a high IP - rating. The fixture is designed for demanding conditions in ceilings of e.g. underpasses, bridges, tunnels, parking garages, building canopies and industrial buildings.
The new valoT (VP8110) LED light bollard series is a tool for creative outdoor lighting. With these bollard luminaires you can create an effective and even lighting to passageways and highlight e.g. trees. valoT bollard luminaires are equally suitable for façade and spotlighting. The series includes three versions: one for passageways, the second for both passageways and trees; and a third version for the sole purpose of lighting trees. The bollard is installed to the concrete base, with serial wiring running through the base of it. The product design removes the excess heat effectively from LEDs and the whole structure is dust and waterproof. Like all Valopaa luminaires, the bollards withstand vandalism extremely well.

The valoT bollard luminaires can be equipped with a set amount of light and as a part of the Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System.