LED Spotlights

The LED spotlights of Valopaa excel in area and target lighting by choosing the appropriate light-controlling lens. The LED spotlights can be used to lighten up courtyards, parks, buildings and other targets. The applications of LED spotlights are almost endless with various optical solutions and lenses. For example, safe pedestrian paths and unique lighting to courtyards can be accomplished with lenses that are developed for street lighting.

Reliable and maintainable

The Valopaa LED fixtures have been developed for demanding environments where energy efficiency and a long lifespan are a must. Components from well-known manufacturers are used in the products. Mechanical implementation guarantees thermal control and mechanical durability. The essential product parts, the LED module and the power supply, possess high IP - ratings. The products have been developed to be maintained with changeable LED modules and power supplies. The products are developed and produced in Finland.

Distribution of luminous intensity

All the optical solutions of the VPM LED module series are selectable for the VP LED ceiling light fixtures. We are continuously developing new optical solutions based on customer feedback. See all optical solutions of optics on the product technology pages.

Lens V11. All the street lighting optics can be used also with the LED spotlights for lighting of e.g. footpaths in courtyards. This optical lens can also be used in architectural lighting and street and area lighting from a low-rise pole.

Lens V8. 600 cd/module. Light beam 90°. 
The adjacent picture presents a light distribution with optics that is intended for use in general lighting. This optics is suitable for lighting of different rooms and spaces in industrial setting, parking garages and underpasses.

Lens V7. 5000cd/module. Light beam 20°. 
The adjacent picture presents a light distribution with optics that is intended for use in spotlighting and accent lighting. Also available a round beam of 35°, suitable for e.g. spotlighting (lens V10).