Bridge Lighting with Excellent Protection against Vandalism

The Valopaa LED bridge luminaires have been installed into hundreds of underpasses and bridge undersides around Finland. The luminaires are energy efficient, easy to install and very durable. Our luminaires are protected against vandalism and the specially designed optics to underpasses ensure pleasant and energy efficient lighting.
The Valopaa product range includes recessed and surface-mounted versions of bridge luminaires, in different power versions. Vandalism shields are available as an accessory for low structures to protect against vandalism. Protects from spray paints and decreases the risk of mechanical strain and damage. We also offer a variety of solutions for decorative bridge lighting.

Valopaa bridge luminaires:

  • Easy and safe to install
  • Covers up old recess slots nicely – several sizes available for the front panel of the recessed luminaire
  • Energy efficient compared to traditional lighting solutions – e.g. a 125W mercury luminaire is replaced with a 22W Valopaa LED luminaire
  • Extremely durable
  • Vandalism shield available as accessory, protects from spray paints and damage
  • Lifespan expectancy over 30 years
  • Optics designed specifically for bridges and underpasses – luminaires align the light evenly to the road