The Board of Valopaa

Veijo Karppinen
Veijo Karppinen is the founder and a partner of VNT Management Ltd. since 2002. He has a 28-year experience within the electrotechnical industry. Karppinen founded Vacon Ltd. and was its managing director 1993–2002. He has also worked within R&D; and management at ABB 1974-1993. Veijo Karppinen has been the chairman and a member of the board at Valopaa since December 2012.

Jussi Palmroth
Jussi Palmroth has been a partner of VNT Management Ltd. since 2005, he joined the company in 2003.  He has worked as the managing director at VNT Management since 2011. Palmroth has a firm background in investment and jurisprudence. Before joining VNT Management he worked for United Bankers Securities, KPMG and his own real estate agency. Palmroth has been a member of the Valopaa board since December 2012.

Toivo Vilmi
Toivo Vilmi is the founder and managing director of Valopaa since 2007. Previously he worked extensively in production and R&D; management in Finland and the USA. Vilmi worked for Nokia Cellular Systems, Aspo Microelectronics, Nokia Mobile Phones and Nokia Networks 1984–2003 and at Oulu Business Networks 2003–2007 as an entrepreneur-managing director and a management consultant for small and medium-sized companies. Vilmi has been a member of the Valopaa board since 2007.

Tapani Raappana
Tapani Raappana acts as an adviser at Valopaa Ltd. He has more than thirty years of experience within demanding design, sales and consultation management positions. Raappana has worked for Nokia-Mobira, Rautaruukki New Technology, Nokia Telecommunications, ADC Telecommunications and Filtec 1982–2003. After 2003 he has worked at Oulu Business Networks as a management, sales and marketing consultant. Raappana has been a member of the Valopaa board since 2008.