Jyväskylä city of lights, photo: Jani Salonen

Solid White Light for Streets and Roads

Valopaa LED luminaires are an excellent solution for street lighting. Our luminaires are easily maintainable, small, light in weight and beautifully designed. The luminaires do not collect dirt or snow. Most importantly, our luminaires produce solid and unflickering white light, which also benefits the operation of traffic and safety cameras.

The lifecycle costs of Valopaa´s LEDluminaires are low, due to high energy efficiency and durability. Themaintainability is endorsed by the fact that all of our products are based onthe same product platform. The reliability data of our products stands to thedisposal to all of our clients. 

The product range of Valopaa alsoincludes luminaires for underpasses and bridge undersides, as well asspotlights and floodlights for illuminating road surroundings. The main targetsfor our street light luminaires are streets and roads, city centres,pedestrian paths, underpasses, parking areas and parks.

TheVP1301 LED Street Fixture has been the approval of the Finnish Transportagency. The same LED modules and components are used in all Valopaa luminaires.

Thestreet and road lighting is controllable with the Valopaa Intelligent LightingSystem. It cuts the energy consumption in half, which significantly shortensthe payback time.

Valopaan street light fixtures:

  • Unique and distinguishable design
  • Small and light structure
  • Do not collect dirt or snow
  • Easily maintainable
  • Vast reliability data available
  • VP1301 LED street light fixtures have been approved by the Finnish Traffic Agency – all Valopaa street lighting products use the same LED modules and structures
  • All light fixtures have been designed based on the same product platform – LED module structure is the same throughout the product range
  • Different design light fixtures and retrofit projects to modernize historic light fixtures can be implemented by using the same product platform


  • Street light fixtures VP1301, VP1302, VP1401 and VP1402
  • Bridge and underpass light fixtures VP2221 and VP2223
  • For decorative and accent lighting at road surroundings spotlights VP3111 and floodlights VP3411
  • Intelligent LED lighting system