Intelligent lighting

Superior Cost-Efficiency with Good and Befitting Lighting
Intelligent lighting control generally cuts energy consumption in half compared to traditional lighting control with the same type luminaires. The wireless control system renders all control cables, control devices connected to the electrical grid and installation work needless.
The Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System is highly versatile. It enables appropriate and energy efficient lighting of roads, streets, outdoor areas, parking areas and garages, industrial sites and petrol stations.

The Intelligent Lighting pages and sub-pages deal with the technical functionality of the system. The solutions pages present a number of examples for LED lighting with adjacent benefits and features.

Benefits of intelligent LED lighting:

  • Generally cuts energy consumption in half compared to corresponding set lighting, i.e. the payback time of the investment is almost halved.
  • Wireless communication -> no control cables, all changes executed by master unit and web browser, downloading new features enabled, free placement of sensors -> reduced costs.
  • Expandability: from single luminaires to groups of luminaires or sensors, which can be further expanded to control entire buildings or areas intelligently and remotely, if desired.
  • Compensation of light loss factors -> no need to adjust diminishing light source -> reduced energy consumption and the amount of light is maintained on the same level throughout the life span.
  • The great capacity of the control (the number of luminaires) and further features such as remote control.