VP3111 LED spotlight fixture

(Note! This product was earlier with code VP2111)

The product family of VP3111 LED spotlights has been developed for spotlighting, and lighting of pedestrian paths. The VPM1 LED module that was designed for the Valopaa street light fixtures is used also in the VP3111 product family, and thus, all different distributions of luminous intensity are available for these light fixtures as well. The spotlights can be used to liven up courtyards, parks, buildings and other objects or targets. With the different light distributions it is possible to build safe pedestrian paths and novel lighting to courtyards. The light source is rotatable, thus it can be turned at the pole top, and the light can be aligned as needed. 

The VP3111 LED spotlight is available in one-module and two-module versions. The LED modules in the VP3111 M2 can be positioned in parallel to generate higher luminous efficiency, or vertically different ways to generate a wider area of illumination. LED spotlights are now available also in white color that is ideal e.g. for snow and ice building.


Pictures: One-module-version of VP3111 M1, and two-module-version of VP3111 M2. 

The VP3111 LED spotlight is fastened to a tube with 60 mm diameter. The electricity is brought to the light fixture through the pole. The connection device is situated inside the pole. The structure of the LED light fixture transfers the heat away from the LEDs, and the structure is dust and water proof.




Technical properties

 VP3111 M1  VP3111 M2
 Operating voltage  230VAC/50Hz, protection class I
 Input power  11 W  22 W
 Useful quantity of light  900 lm  1800 lm
 Power ratio  > 0,9c
 Colour temperature
 of light
 4100 K. Customer-specific colour temperatures and colours possible,  
 with limitations from the LED manufacturer.
 Encapsulation  LED modules IP65, connection device IP66.
 Operating temperature  -40…+40 °C (-40…+100 F)
 w x l x h
 120 x 70 x 70  180 x 110 x 90
 Weight  1 Kg  1,5 Kg
 Materials  Metalwork painted (stoved) aluminium and stainless steel.  
 Colour  Black, white, other colours possible.
 Fastening  60 mm tube (pole not included in the standard package).
 Connection  3 x 2,5 mm2 –o–
 LED lumen maintenance  Typically less than 10%/100 000 h.


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