Customized LED lighting products

We develop and produce LED light fittings for our customers by utilizing our product platform and product structures. If needed, we carry out also fully customized LED light fittings. The modular structure of the product platform enables fast product development process also for customized products.

By utilizing our tested product structures and production methods we can offer our customers prompt product projects and high delivery reliability with decreased material and investment costs. Our product process goes phase by phase. The first step is defining the needs of the customer. The outcome of the process is a tested customized lighting solution. In our delivery process we take care of materials, production, testing and supplying products as our customers wish.

The development of the first customer solution has been delivered during autumn 2008.

The LED modules of the VPM series are sold also for customers' own product development projects. The VPM1 led module (presented in the picture) can be used as such, or it can be developed according to the customer's needs. The LED modules also present a central part in the product development of customized LED light fixtures at Valopaa Ltd.