Intelligent LED lighting system

With the adjustable lighting solution of Valopaa Ltd., the quantity of light can be changed according to conditions and needs.
• 80 % energy saving possibility
• long lifetime without need to change the lamps
• constant lumen output; compensates the decline of light output

The adjustable lighting solution of Valopaa Ltd. includes intelligent LED light fixtures and expansion options; master unit, sensors attached to it, and Internet connection. The system can be expanded in stages. The fixtures communicate among each other with a license free encrypted radio communication.

The adjustable lighting solution of Valopaa Ltd. is deployed with a separate maintenance device. The device is used to wirelessly set the light intensity levels, their speed of change and time for staying constant, as well as the timing functionality of the master unit and the functioning levels of the sensors. In addition, reprograming of all the fixtures can be done with the maintenance device, enabling future supplementary features. 




Adjustable LED lighting has been installed to NesteOil Express petrol station.
The energy efficiency of LED lighting is evident when compared with other light fixtures at the same lighting site.