The LED light fixtures of Valopaa Ltd. are easily adaptable for use in many different places. The LED modules and LED light fixtures were originally developed for demanding use in road and street lighting. However, they are suitable also for many other lighting implementations. This part of these internet pages opens up all the different uses and applications of the VP LED light fixtures. 

Optical lenses, which are used to create different light distributions, are selectable for the LED modules. The quantity of light can be alternated with different number of the LED modules. The more light is needed, the greater amount of LED modules is used per a light fixture. The structure of the light fixture is changed according to the use. It provides the mechanical adaptation for the LED modules, connection device and mechanical fastening for each lighting solution. The same mechanical structures are adaptable for many different uses. Below you´ll find a table of the applicability of the VP LED light fixtures.

Reference sites in Finland

By clicking the destinations at the map, you'll see more information on the lighting sites. You can also open the map in full screen to better navigate the map and see the full list of reference sites.

We have gathered to this map all of lighting sites with Valopaa products that have been brought to our attention. We'll add new sites to the map frequently, and would therefore like to receive information from our customers with the details of the lighting sites. You can send your information (with the exact location, possibly pictures and link requests) to [email protected].

Note! The map is in Finnish, and will be updated in English soon.