Valopaa products


The main characteristics of the Valopaa products are reliability, energy efficiency, easy maintenance and lighting capabilities. These are further defined in the following:

 Reliability: Heat control and tight-proof structures
 Energy efficient: High class components and product design
 Maintainable: Changeable modules
 Lighting: Design and implementation of optical structures



-> Heat control and tight-proof structures

LED lighting varies far and wide. When discussing LED lighting, one should remember that the variety of LED lighting products can be as wide as when considering means of transportation, not just cars. An Indian rickshaw and a German Mercedes are both means of transportation, but they are also very far-flung concepts from each other.

A led component functions as a light source in a completely opposite way than any of the traditional light sources. Traditional light sources function better and in a more energy efficient way the hotter they are, and thus the light fixture doesn´t need to dissipate the heat. The LED components, instead, function in a more reliable and energy efficient fashion, the cooler it is. Therefore, a reliable LED light fixture requires different kind of structure than a traditional light fixture. The structure of a LED light fixture has to transfer heat efficiently from the led module to the ambient air. The cooler the LED component is when it functions, the longer is its life time and its lighting capacity endures.

A reliable LED light fixture should be implemented so that both LED components and optical components (that are affiliated with the alignment of light) are enclosed to be dust and water proof. The life span of a led component shortens if it is exposed to moisture. The properties of the optical components fade if dust gets inside its structure, and thus the lighting capacity decreases. A LED light fixture is an electronic appliance, where high class components increase its reliability.

In the product development of the Valopaa products special attention was given to heat control, which is seen also in the structure of the products. In addition, the Valopaa products meet the necessary IP rating in terms of dust and water tightness. These properties substantially increase the life span and reliability of the Valopaa products. 


Energy efficient

-> High class components and product design

The manufacturers of LED components are very different from each other. They have differences in their competences, and their conceptions of quality differ from each other. There are also huge differences in the level of technical data they have published, which can vary from one page printouts to hundreds of pages of professional reports. Thus, the differences between LED components from different manufacturers are enormous.

The factors affecting energy efficiency of LED light fixtures are selecting the best applicable LED component, using the LED component in an energy efficient manner, and the mechanical structure of the light fixture. Energy efficiency of a LED component is better the cooler it is when it operates, and the lower operating currency is uses. In practice, product costs increase the more energy efficient the product is made; hence not all lighting needs are, at present, worth to be produced with the led technology. With good optical implementation of the LED light fixture, the light loss is smaller than in the traditional light fixtures. E.g. the light loss from reflectors and shading of the light source are nonexistent in LED light fixtures that have good optical design.

By utilizing the best possible LED components that are on the market and with a good product design, a more energy efficient street light fixture can be produced than what can be achieved with traditional lighting technologies. However, in a product cost sense, it might not be worthwhile to bring a LED street light out on the market yet. The Valopaa-products already offer lighting solutions for slow traffic roads and streets that are energy efficient and inexpensive over lifetime. In addition, the modifiability of the product platform enables adapting the product solution also to different kinds of area lighting, industrial lighting and spotlights. Valopaa Ltd. develops new LED lighting products continuously, and introduces them on the market.



-> Changeable modules

A well designed LED light fixture has minor need for maintenance. Led modules can function reliably for up to 20-30 years, as opposed to traditional light sources that need service every 2-4 years. (Here 1 year equals 4500 operating hours.)

When large amounts of light fixtures are in use, which is typically the case with street lighting, it is important to be able to service and repair them without changing the whole light fixture. Led modules and the connection device can be designed to be changeable and repairable, which decreases the lifetime expense of the product.

The Valopaa products are developed on Valopaa´s own product platform. The LED module endures in normal operating conditions for a long time, over 20 years. The modular structure of the product platform enables good maintainability, as individual LED modules and power supplies can be replaced, and thus the product life cycle becomes longer. The led module can also be repaired. Valopaa Ltd. has developed a unique led module structure, which generates potential for maintenance regardless of the development phase of the led technology.



-> Design and implementation of the optical structure

The function of a light fixture is to produce desired lighting. Without additional optics, a LED component typically produces the light in a spherical (ball-shaped) alignment. Usually different kind of lighting is sought after, and hence the light needs alignment. With good optical design and implementation, the light from a led light fixture can be directed as desired due to the small size of the led component. Also the led modules of the light fixture can be aligned, and thus create a desired kind of lighting.

The energy efficiency of a well-designed LED light fixture increases the better aligned the light is, and the lesser is the amount of wasted light. Precisely aligned lighting in various usage settings requires product structure that enables directing light according to specific needs, and hence, changing the light alignment of the LED light fixture.

Different optical solutions were created in the product development of the Valopaa products to generate different light patterns and desired light alignments. The optics of the Valopaa LED light fixture decreases the amount of wasted light, and hence, is energy efficient and creates the desired kind of lighting. Valopaa Ltd. has abilities and the desire to generate lighting solutions that have great significance to our customers.


How to buy a proper led light fixture? The buyers´ guide

Here we examine a case where the buyer needs a light fixture that will be used for a long time, in an energy efficient manner and the lighting needs to be of a certain kind.


Long operating time and durability:

  • The manufacturer of LED components should be well known and provide vast documentation, including information on the durability of the LED component over lifetime.
  • Heat control: what is the temperature of semiconductor junction and the average current in a normal usage situation? How many operating hours does the manufacturer promise with those values?
  • Are the LED and optical structures dust and water proof (IP67)?
  • Are the electrical connections and current supplies encapsulated in a proper manner?
  • Is the light fixture maintainable, and at which level is the maintenance possible? Does the structure of the light fixture have changeable parts, which have long lifecycle?

Energy efficiency:

  • How much power does the light fixture take from the electrical network (W), and how much light does it produce to the desired area or object (lm)?
  • How is the light decrement (lamp lumen maintenance factor) reported and is it credible?


  • Does the light fixture satisfy lighting requirements? Is all necessary information available?