Keskuskatu, Pieksämäki

Smart and safer main street

Keskuskatu, the main street in Pieksämäki before and after the replacement of luminaires.

Benefits to the customer:

  • Improved traffic safety
  • Energy consumption decreased by 75%
  • Every luminaire can be individually controlled

The main street in the town of Pieksämäki, Keskuskatu, entered the era of intelligent lighting in autumn 2014. The existing lamp posts were retained but luminaires were changed to Valopaa LED luminaires. A total of 111 luminaires out of 220 LEDs along the street are now intelligent luminaires, using a wireless control system.

Pieksämäki town engineer Kirsti Valkonen says that the day came when she had to acknowledge the unflattering truth: the town´s main street was dark.

“I was driving home one November night; it was drizzling a little. I suddenly realised that I couldn´t see! Of course, we had been talking about the lighting of our main street before, because of its high energy consumption and old globes falling down. We basically had old, ugly mercury vapour luminaires that had been outdated for years hanging over our main street. The final straw was the non-existent visibility in the dark,´ says Ms Valkonen.

The personnel of the town of Pieksämäki quickly grasped the opportunities of intelligent, controllable lighting. The brightness of lighting can be adjusted even for individual luminaires, if need be. It seems very likely that they town of Pieksämäki will be able to reduce the originally designed maximum power and still achieve the required level of lighting. This means that energy savings will be even higher than expected – without compromising on safety!

“This investment was our number one priority with regard to traffic safety in 2014. From the viewpoint of traffic safety and those using the street, lighting is crucial in terms of visibility in the dark, accessibility and moving around in the area. LED lighting shows colours in their nearly natural hues, which facilitates perception,´ says Kirsti Valkonen, listing the benefits of the modernisation project.

The intelligent luminaires in Keskuskatu, Pieksämäki, are compatible with the wireless MESH network. Transfer to the new network topology can be easily made by means of a software update. Cloud services and wireless lighting control will be commissioned in 2015.



VP1301i M6, lens V14, 89 luminaires
VP1301i M8, lens V14, 22 luminaires
VP1101 M4, lens V14, 109 luminaires

Customer: Town of Pieksämäki
Project: Keskuskatu main street
Designer: Simo Salmikuukka and Kirsti Valkonen, Town of Pieksämäki
Lighting calculations: Ilkka Kaltiola/Valopaa Ltd
Luminaire supplier: Valopaa Ltd
Electrical work: Voimatel Oy
Completed: 09/2014