VP2222 LED Ceiling Luminaire

VP2222 LED luminaires are ideal for cold roofed spaces or industrial spaces, where changing e.g. fluorescent lamps is difficult and might interrupt production. The luminaires are suited for new installations, as well as replacing old luminaires. 

VP2222 M6is Intelligent LED Ceiling Luminaire

An intelligent Valopaa LED light luminaire (is) has an electrical identity, motion sensor, intelligence and a two-way wireless radio connection, which controls the luminaire, the amount of light and, furthermore, enables developing new features during its lifespan. The luminaire manages the compensation of fading LED components independently.

The Valopaa Intelligent LED Lighting System enables suitable energy efficient lighting, read more. Intelligent lighting generally cuts the energy consumption in half in comparison to corresponding set lighting.

  W lm
M3 33 3000
M6 53 6000
M6 0, 11 – 78 0, 1000 – 7800