VPS Master unit

The master unit is used with the intelligent lighting system of Valopaa Ltd.. It masters the lighting control according to prespecified settings.


• Radio communication with the light fixtures
   – Control according to time, calendar and sensor data.
   – Updating the parameters.
   – Updating the software.

• GPRS communication
   – Receiving the data for controlling the light fixtures and updating the parameters and software.
   – Receiving the updates for the internal software through SRD radio / GPRS.
   – Sending statistics / activity data.

• Reading GPS information

• Calendar and clock

A sensor unit can be used together with the master unit to control the light fixtures. Either motion sensor, brightness sensor or twilight switch is activated from the sensor unit during installation, and it is installed to point the direction it needs to measure. The sensor unit communicates with the master unit via radio communication. 



Technical properties

  VPS master C  VPS master W
 Operating voltage  90-264 VAC / 50-60Hz, protection class II
 Encapsulation  IP65
 Operating temperature  -40…+50 °C (-40…+120 F)
 Fastening  Screw fastening
 SRD Antenna  855-880 MHz
 GSM Antenna  –  824–894 MHz / 1710–1990 MHz 
 WLAN Antenna  –  WLAN
 GPS Antenna  –  1575.42 MHz ±3 MHz
 Ethernet connection  Cable  Cable
 Sensors (Accessories)  Motion sensor, brightness sensor, twilight switch                                                        

  VPS Master W is available Q3/2012 (estimated).

NB! Due to the R&D; stage of our products, we reserve the right to make changes at any time without further notice.

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