VP2222 LED ceiling light fixture

VP2222 LED light fixtures have been developed to be used as a ceiling light fixture in cold roofed spaces or industrial spaces, where changing e.g. fluorescent lamps is difficult and might interrupt production. The light fixtures are suited for new installations, as well as for replacement of old light fixtures. The light fixture is supplied with a power cord that has a grounded electric plug. The customer can specify the length of the power cord according to their needs.

Now available also as an intelligent version, VP2222i M6, that comes with motion sensor and brightness sensor. See more information on the intelligent lighting system.


For a LED light fixture, it is important to have good thermal management. The heat is dissipated from electronics with the help of heat transfer capability of the aluminum body. The effective cooling leads on to high energy efficiency and durable lighting capability. The LED modules and the connection device of the light fixture are changeable, and they are encapsulated against dust and moisture. 


Technical properties

 VP2222 M3  VP2222 M6  VP2222i M6
 Operating voltage  230VAC/50Hz, protection class I.
 Input power  33 W  66 W  0, 21 - 78 W
 Useful quantity of light  2700 lm  5400 lm  0, 1550 - 7200 lm
 Power ratio  > 0,9c  According to standard EN 61000-3-2.
Light distribution  All Valopaa's optical lenses are suitable for the VP2222 LED light fixtures.
 The files of light distribution can be found from the product technology pages.  
 Colour temperature
 of the light
 4100 K. Customer-specific colour temperatures possible, with  
 limitations from the LED manufacturer.
 Encapsulation  IP34 (LED modules and driver min. IP65)   IP34 (LED modules IP65)
 Operating temperature  -40…+40 °C (-40…+100 F)
 Measurements , 
 w x l x h (mm)
 885 x 165 x 50  1300 x 165 x 50  1000 x 165 x 86 mm
 Materials  Metalwork painted (stoved) aluminium and stainless steel.
 Colour  Grey or white, other colours possible.
 Fastening  Screw fastening to roof or rail.
 Connection  5 x 2,5 mm2 –o–
 LED lumen maintenance  Typically less than 10%/100 000 h.  Compensated.


NB! Due to the R&D; stage of our products, we reserve the right to make changes at any time without further notice.

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