VPS iControl

VPS iControl 400 is a multipurpose device to enable use of compatible luminaires, luminaire groups and sensors in Valopaa smart lighting system. Device supports most common interfaces for vast array of commercial luminaires and sensors. Connected devices communicate wirelessly with other VP smart devices and VPS iMaster unit in the location.

One VPS iControl can control group of multiple luminaires being very efficient solution especially when upgrading existing installations. VPS iControl supports 1-10V and DALI control interfaces. Device can drive external relay typically used to switch off power with 1-10V controlled luminaires. VPS iControl also measures and reports energy consumption of the connected luminaires to monitor consumption and detect failures. Reporting functionalities will be expanding with upcoming Valopaa SW updates.

VPS iControl can utilize output from common commercial sensors, like twilight and motion detectors. Device reads the sensor output and controls the smart lighting system behavior as defined in VP server.

Key Features

  • SRD radio communication within VP smart lighting system
  • 1-10V and DALI control interface
  • Control of external relay
  • Energy consumption measurement and reporting
  • Use of commercial sensors or switches