Intelligent Devices

The iLUMNET Intelligent Lighting solution is build using iLUMNET devices and intelligent Valopaa luminaires. Lighting system is a modular wireless platform provideing solutions for safe, appropriate and adaptable lighting solutions.

The intelligent system is scalable according to the customer´s requirements with an array of available intelligent devices for a comprehensive wirelessly controlled lighting infrastructure. Each intelligent device and other devices connected to it act as an individual node in the intelligent wireless system.

iLUMNET intelligent devices and typical usage in the intelligent system.

  1. The iMASTER manages the area containing devices and groups. It communicates with all the devices in the area with SRD radio and is connected to the iLUMNET server with a secure internet connection.

  2. VP intelligent luminaires are intelligent devices used in a flexible manner in the lighting system without any additional installed infrastructure.

  3. VP intelligent luminaires with sensors provide added detection functionality to control devices in the area based on presence or ambient luminance.

  4. The iSENSE is a wireless multisensor to detect movement, ambient luminance and temperature.

  5. The iCONTROL is used for dimming groups of commercial luminaires with a wired DALI or 1-10V interface. A group of connected luminaires act as one device in the intelligent lighting system.

  6. The iCONTROL is used for switching on/off groups of commercial luminaires by controlling the external relay at the power supply. This is also used together with 1-10V dimming.

  7. The iCONTROL is connected to sensors for added functionality to control devices in the area based on the detection information from the installed commercial sensor unit.

  8. The iSWITCH is used in intelligent systems when manual control of lighting is needed, giving the user the means to turn on lights for a preset length of time.

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