Street and outdoor area lighting set hard environmental requirements for light fittings. The picture shows the lighting solutions in Oulu bridges and outdoor sports area.

Led lighting products

In the near future led technology will obtain the dominant role in lighting applications. Improved energy efficiency compared to existing lighting solutions is the main requirement set for the upcoming led light fittings. There are already available led light fittings to some applications but the solutions that have higher quality and energy efficiency requirements are still challenging for the led technology.


Led technology in lighting applications is taking just its first steps. The technology base has not yet become stable so the led producers use different technologies in their production processes. There are significant deviations ex. in energy efficiency related to operating temperature, power and operating time.


The basic requirement for light fitting is implementing good lighting. When operating time of the lighting solution increases, the requirements for long lifetime and easy maintenance will become more prominent. As led technology is electronics, we believe that to utilize best the benefits of led technology such as decreased life cycle costs, the developers and producers of led light fittings should be professional of electronics. In Valopaa Ltd. we concentrate on accomplishing led lighting solutions that will give long life cycle, high utilization rate and controlled lighting.