VPM LED modules

The VPM LED modules have been developed for street light fixtures, but they are suited also for a wide variety of lighting needs both indoors and outdoors. The structure of the LED modules is dust and water proof. Therefore, they can be used in all kind of locations that are situated above water-level and have sufficient ventilation. The LED modules have plenty of product applications from spotlighting to general lighting. Different application are generated by using different optics for the light distribution and an appropriate fastening to a light fixture or other assembly.


     Pictures: VPM1 in black and white, VPM2 in aluminium, and VPM4 M4 in aluminium.

The VPM LED modules comprise high class LEDs, optics for light distribution and a firm aluminium body. The VPM1 LED module has sufficient cooling in itself to ensure heat transfer from the leds to the ambient air. The VPM2 and VPM4 LED modules, instead, need a light fixture with a body that transfers the heat off from the LED modules. 


Technical properties

 Useful quantity
 of light
 900 lm 1800 lm 2700 lm  3600 lm
 (when temperature of the body 60 °C/120 F)
 Current  Nominal 350 mA, max 1 A
 Input power  Typical: 8,5 W 17 W 25,5 W 34 W
 Protection class  Class I until 450 VDC, and SELV
 LED connections  Single module has 8 LEDs series-connected. VPM4 structure has multiple modules series-connected.
 LED lumen maintenance Typically less than 10%/100 000 h
 Colour temperature
 of the light
 4100 K. Customer-specific colour temperatures and colours possible, with limitations
 from the LED manufacturer.
 Encapsulation  min. IP65
 Operating temperature  -40 … + 50 °C (-40…+120 F)
 w x l x h (mm)
 70 x 52 x 55  70 x 54 x 20 100 x 50 x 14 150 x 50 x 14 200 x 50 x 14
 Materials  Body recycled aluminium  Body aluminium
 Fasteners stainless steel. Lens UV-protected PC or PMMA .
 Colour  Black, white.   Anodized aluminium
 Fastening  Fixed installation and 
 rotatable installation.
 Screw fastening

  Note! The standard versions of the LED modules include 8 high power LEDs. The technical properties in
  the table above are based on eight LEDs. The modules can also be equipped with six, four or two LEDs for
  different brightness levels. In these cases the electrical values change accordingly.


Distribution of luminous intensity

There are several optical lenses that are compatible with the structures of both of the LED modules. The optical lenses are used to create different distributions of luminous intensity. When assembling a LED light fixture, it is possible to choose LED modules with different light distributions, and to align the LED modules to different directions. Lighting designers have the freedom to create very different lighting implementations. We continuously develop new optical solutions based on customer feedback.

Check all the available optical lenses from the product technology pages.


Reliable and maintainable

The Valopaa LED modules have been developed for demanding environments with the requirements of energy efficiency and long life-time. The products contain components from well-known manufacturers. Mechanical implementation attends to thermal control and mechanical durability. The LED modules possess high IP rating. Thus, they can be used both outdoors and indoors, and even in humid rooms. The LED light fixtures can be developed to be maintainable with Valopaa’s LED modules. The products are developed and produced in Finland.


NB! Due to the R&D; stage of our products, we reserve the right to make changes at any time without further notice.

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