Sport facilities and tracks

The Valopaa LED light fixtures are well suited for sport facilities and tracks. They function well in ice hockey halls and swimming halls, as well as skiing and jogging routes, horse riding centers and slalom slopes.

LED lighting brings white light to sportsmen and athletes in energy efficient and sustainable manner. For example, old 125W mercury light fixtures can generally be replaced with 22W VP LED light fixture. Lighting at sport facilities and tracks can be made even more energy efficient with Valopaa´s intelligent LED lighting system.

Valopaa light fixtures for sport facilities and tracks:

  • The quality and level of lighting is maintained or increased with changing to Valopaa LED light fixtures
  • The long lifetime of the Valopaa light fixtures makes maintenance work easy and low-cost



  • Slow traffic road/jogging route lighting in Virpiniemi
  • Dog park lighting in Kempele