At this section of the website we present different lighting sites that have Valopaa's LED light fixtures. The Valopaa sales team has helped our customers in many of these cases to plan and design the lighting. Read about what kind of solutions were found, and how our customers have benefited from introducing LED lighting at their sites!

Would you like to tell about your lighting site where Valopaa products are used? Please contact us, by leaving your suggestion via our contact form.


Reference sites in Finland

By clicking the destinations at the map, you'll see more information on the lighting sites. You can also open the map in full screen to better navigate the map and see the full list of reference sites.

We have gathered to this map all of lighting sites with Valopaa products that have been brought to our attention. We'll add new sites to the map frequently, and would therefore like to receive information from our customers with the details of the lighting sites. You can send your information (with the exact location, possibly pictures and link requests) to [email protected].

Note! The map is in Finnish, and will be updated in English soon.