Petrol station lighting

The outdoor lighting at petrol stations is elevated to a new level with Valopaa´s solutions. The company has developed canopy light fixtures in cooperation with service station chains and their contractors. The meter field canopy can be illuminated with either intelligent LED lighting system or with standard (constant) light fixtures. The canopy light fixtures are available in recessed and surface-mounted versions, in many different power versions.

The intelligent LED lighting system adjusts the lighting levels at the meter field according to customer stream and the surrounding circumstances. The lighting level is higher during dark rainy time of the fall season than during winter time when ground is covered with white snow. The system also detects people and vehicles moving in the area. Lighting is dim when there is no movement at the area, but gets brighter as a person or vehicle enters the area.

A remote control system is used to set the desired lighting levels, and the duration and intervals of changing them. The light fixtures can also be controlled in groups, e.g. according to driving lanes.

Valopaa petrol station light fixtures:

  • Energy saving typically 50% compared to metal halide light fixtures
  • Intelligent control can increase energy savings up to 80%
  • The Valopaa LED light fixtures´ life time is typically over 30 years in outdoor usage
  • Covers up old recess slots nicely – several sizes available for the front panel of the recessed light fixture
  • Good for surveillance cameras – better color rendering, optics direct the light straight to ground and not to the camera



  • Neste Oil Express, Oulu
  • Tens of Neste Oil service stations around Northern Finland
  • Several deliveries to petrol station contractors
  • Shell, Teboil, Neste Oil, ABC (different petrol station chains in Finland and Europe)